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Empowerment Self Defense

No Nonsense Tactics

The ASSERT curriculum is a powerful training course designed to help participants feel free and safe in living their best lives. Our primary goal is to transform Fear into Power, focusing on the development of a healthy, sustainable Mind-set.

ASSERT Empowerment and Self Defense courses are centered on the development of the mind-set in order to employ the skill-set. Once the Mind-set is changed, skills can be quickly and effectively applied.

You Can Be Assertive!

Our Goals Are Simple

  • Help you face stressful situations successfully,
  • Teach you tactics to plan ahead in order to prevent or be prepared for them,
  • Help you maintain your composure and clear thinking, even while under the effects of Adrenaline, and
  • Empower you to live freely and safely!

Meet the Team

Created by Liz and Cat Fitzgerald, ASSERT is the culmination of years of research, Martial Arts training, and a deep disappointment in fear-based, victim-shaming self-defense programs that teach learned helplessness rather than empowering their students to be confident and successful.


Liz Fitzgerald

Co-Creator & CTO

Liz created ASSERT back in 2004, while based in Miami, Florida. She has implemented and taught the program for numerous organizations, including at-risk youth groups, in-patient eating disorder clinics, universities, elementary and secondary schools, and special interest groups, including religious organizations, corporate teams, and Law Enforcement and Security Professionals.

She holds high ranks in a number of Martial Arts.


Cat Fitzgerald


Cat has been teaching Self Defense, Martial Arts, and Special Team Tactics for over 30 years. His varied work in these fields have lead to certifications that include LEO Edged Weapon Tactics Instructor, Force-on-Force Simunition Tactics Instructor, Rapid Assault Tactics Instructor, Fast Rescue Boat Operator, HAZMAT First Responder, and IRATA Industrial Rescue Climber.

Cat holds high ranks in numerous Martial Arts.

Because our program has been developed with the help of Mental Health Professionals, Self Defense Industry Leaders, Legal Experts, and extensive research into Department of Justice, Department of Defense, and Law Enforcement statistics, procedures, definitions, training, we have been able to create a system that allows all students, of any age, gender, and physical capability, to effectively utilize the unique techniques and materials presented during our course work.

That is what makes ASSERT Empowerment and Self Defense different.