Our Programs

Empowerment Self Defense

Ideal for all ages, the ASSERT ESD program can be customized to address your group's specific concerns, whether preparing to go to college, corporate team building, or as a confidence boost.

ASSERT Instructor Certification

Bring the ASSERT Curriculum to your school or organization by offering regularly scheduled programs taught by you. Become a certified ASSERT Instructor.

LEO, MIL & Special Teams

ASSERT Professionals offers specialty training in Edged Weapons, Rapid Assault Tactics, and Force-on-Force Simunition to Law Enforcement, Military, and Security Professionals.

Select the path thats right for you!

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ASSERT Empowerment and Self Defense

Learn proven effective Self Defense, increase your Self Worth, and bond with family, friends, and peers.

  • Professional, Instructional, and Family Programs
  • Effective Techniques that are easy to learn and use
  • Age appropriate and accessible to all physical capabilities
  • Developed using Department of Justice and FBI Crime Statistics and guidance from Mental Health Professionals specializing in women's issues, previously victimized groups, and family counseling

ASSERT Instructor Certification

Gain a deeper understanding of the ASSERT Skill and Mind-set and offer your school, organization, and community access to Empowerment Self Defense. Your Instructor certification allows you to provide courses to children and adults, regardless of physical abilities, and implement programs within your community.

  • Detailed instruction on teaching the ASSERT Curriculum
  • Instructor Mentoring program and continued support
  • Instructor Community for information, experience, and teaching tools exchange and continued education

ASSERT Security Professionals

ASSERT offers Law Enforcement and Security Professionals specific training designed to better prepare you for a number of situations. Our classes range from edged weapons defensive tactics to non-violent verbal de-escalation and force-on-force Simunition scenario training.

  • Liability-conscious, effective, simple to learn and train tactics, ready for implementation
  • Edged Weapons Defensive Tactics
  • Weapon Retention/ Retrieval
  • Simunition Force-on-Force Scenario Training
  • Verbal De-escalation Training
  • Hand-to-Hand Close Quarters Offensive and Defensive Tactics