ASSERT Empowerment Self Defense

ASSERT Empowerment and Self Defense

Take a Class

We recommend that you start by organizing or taking a class as a student. Organizing a class allows you to define the exact goals you wish to achieve and experience a course geared towards your specific needs and focus.

  • Attend a class and learn the basics of Empowerment Self Defense in a way that is immediately applicable.
  • Organize a series of classes or workshops to have your specific concerns and focus addressed within the program. This is an ideal solution for corporate safety policies.
  • Mind-set and Skill-set conditioning
  • Adrenaline Stress Inoculation
  • Case-study and DOJ Statistics-based solutions:
    • Learn the truth about crime reporting,
    • Discover what is really going on around you;
    • Find out what you can do about it; and,
    • Know that you CAN defend yourself!

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