ASSERT Instructors

Certified Instructors


After experiencing ASSERT as a student, you may choose to become a Certified Instructor and pass the information along to other groups and peers. Training to become an Instructor offers a broader and deeper understanding and provides a special sense of accomplishment that can only come from helping others find their inner strength.

As an ASSERT Instructor, you are a needed and valued resource, providing self-defense and empowerment courses for everyone, from children to adults, regardless of physical ability, while addressing their specific needs and concerns, and adding on-going programs to their schools, organizations, companies, and social institutions.

  • Learn how to teach the ASSERT Program and its components
  • Receive access to
    • Online resources and support
    • In-depth statistics and scenario dissection
    • Instructional videos and text
    • Live consultations
  • Participate in the ASSERT Instructor Community
  • Exposure, referrals, and continued education

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