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Take a Class We recommend that you start by organizing or taking a class as a student. Organizing a class allows you to define the exact goals you wish to achieve and experience a course geared towards your specific needs and focus. Attend a class and learn the basics of...

ASSERT Instructors

Teach ASSERT After experiencing ASSERT as a student, you may choose to become a Certified Instructor and pass the information along to other groups and peers. Training to become an Instructor offers a broader and deeper understanding and provides a special sense of accomplishment that can only come from helping...

ASSERT Professionals

Professional Training Because we understand that Law Enforcement, Military, and Security Teams need specific training to address potentially life-threatening situations on a day-to-day basis, we offer the ASSERT Professionals curriculum. By providing a concise, targeted, liability-conscious program, we are better able to prepare our Professionals to face adrenalized, high-risk scenarios...

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Ready to be Assertive? Please complete the form and let us know what courses you are interested in. We will contact you within 24 hours with the information that you have requested. If you would like more immediate answers, please, do not hesitate to call us: (615) 473-1739. We look forward...

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About the ASSERT Program

* Professional, Instructional, and Family Programs
* Effective techniques that are easy to learn and use
* Adrenal Stress Strategic Emergency Response Training

Developed with the Department of Justice and FBI Crime Statistics, and with the help of Mental Health Professionals specializing in Victimization Issues, ASSERT offers clear solutions to today’s Safety and Security Issues.

All programs are age-appropriate and accessible to all physical capabilities and easily customizable to suit your family’s, school’s, or organization’s concerns.

Our unique blend of on-the-ground, proven tactics and real-life case-study research make the ASSERT Program the most effective, functional system available.

Program Offerings Include:

  • Family Safety
  • Edged Weapons Tactics
  • Defense Strategy
  • Law Enforcement Training
  • Security Team Training
  • Corporate Team Building
  • De-escalation Training
  • Litigation Conscious Self Defense
  • Lecture & Movement Based Options

International Training Specialties and options are available with individualized programs addressing the safety and security challenges facing each country.

Our Focus

  • Cyber-bullying and Cyber-stalking
  • Home Invasion Preparedness
  • De-escalation
  • Situational Defense Tactics
  • ID Theft Prevention
  • Assault & Acquaintance Violence
  • Stalking & Kidnapping
  • Team Building
  • Family Communications
  • Self-Image
  • Personal Boundary Identification
  • Total Family Safety
  • Assertiveness Training
  • Age Appropriate Courses


The instructors are AMAZING! The owner and his wife really care about your safely and getting you involved in the class! They are genuine people who loves to give back to the community as well! It was a joy working with them! I leaned a lot and I walked out of their class feeling like a Boss! They wanted to know what I wanted to gain from the class and they worked around my everyday lifestyle! They taught a self-defense class on my campus and with just the two of them were able to get over 40 students really involved! I had a blast and cannot wait to take a full on class!

Audrey F.

Liz and Cat are excellent instructors. They came to our office for an on-site self-defense workshop and provided our group with not only instruction on physical evasion, but also mindset tools for avoiding and getting out of threatening situations. Totally recommend them!

Morgan G.

We attended a private class this evening and I cannot say enough positive, yet assertive, things about the owners . The class was very enlightening and all the attendees learned so much about self awareness and self respect. Great people and great self defense course .

Heather H.