Our Mission

When Our Voices Are Silenced, Solutions Become Ineffective

We focus on empowering women, BIPOC, LGBTQ+, members of marginalized communities, and men & boys to develop and hold healthy relationships, work to prevent and end the cycle of violence, and become influencers and leaders in spaces affecting their health and safety but which have silenced and ignored their voices.

We do this work because we believe in a future of empathy, empowerment, and engagement from and for people everywhere.

Personal Empowerment

Community & Inclusion

Amplifying Voices

Evolving Cultures


It's going to take
all of us to change
the world

Everything Little Bit Helps

Nurturing the Culture Shift Needed to Prevent and End Violence

How We Do It

The key to ending Gender-, Sexual-, Ethnic-, Racial-, and Other Forms of Discrimination-based Violence is Personal Empowerment Tempered with Empathy.

When we address personal and generational trauma and insecurities through a culturally sensitive and informed lens, our clients feel listened to, understood, and become more open to new models of intimate, communal, and global engagement.

Personal Empowerment

Nurture Individuals' inner strength, self-worth, and self-confidence through compassion and empathy.

Community & Inclusion

Increase intracommunity support and encourage intercommunity engagement.

Amplified Voices

Educate Community Leaders in critical thinking, empowerment, openness, and empathy and amplify their influence.

Evolving Cultures

Model new, more inclusive culturally relevant traditions that can replace old patterns of intolerance and subjugation.

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