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You Can Be Assertive

This is who we are.

Improvement Demands Change.

One of the biggest obstacles in changing any cultural paradigm is the internal questioning of identity that such changes demand. Who am I without my previous belief? Who am I, now, in the face of this new understanding? What does this change say about the person I have been?

We cannot be better people and stay exactly who we are today. 

When we seek out changes for the better and take an active role in that change, we grow as individuals and as a society.

The ASSERT Empowerment Self Defense Proposition

We are a female-led, minoroty run

ASSERT Empowerment Self Defense is a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to ending Gender-, Race-, Sexual-, and Ethnic-based violence and discrimination, amplifying minority voices into positions of influence, and boosting gender, racial, and ethnic inclusive representation in arenas in which their perspectives are crucial yet seldom heard or considered necessary, all through gender-inclusive, culturally relevant Empowerment Self Defense (ESD) Education for all.

We achieve this by creating a network of community-based ASSERT Empowerment Self Defense Instructors within marginalized and underserved communities that promotes and offers jobs and careers in ESD, providing continuing education for ESD Instructors and others in related fields, promoting and supporting ESD Instructors and Program Grads in entering and actively seeking positions of leadership locally and beyond, and creating and supporting a platform in which members of those communities can become and be recognized as experts in their safety, security, and advancement.


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