Our Vision for the World

We believe in s a future of empathy, empowerment, and engagement from and for people everywhere.

Our Mission


Empowering women, BIPOC, LGBTQ+, & members of marginalized communities to develop and hold healthy relationships, work to end gender, sexual, and race-based violence, and become influencers and leaders in spaces affecting their health and safety but which have silenced and ignored their voices.

Our Values

We Believe:

  • The Pioneering Spirit is rooted in the belief that we are free to succeed and that it is safe to fail, get up, and try again.
  • Empowerment, tempered by Empathy, is the key to ending the abuse and insecurity intrinsic in Predator Culture.
  • That a world where everyone feels safe and confident in living healthy, free, bold, connected lives is possible within our lifetime.
  • We all carry a dictionary with vocabulary learned through the lens of our personal experience. We must also carry 7.5 billion Thesauri if we expect to communicate effectively and honor those around us.