Alexis Hughes-Williams

About Me:

Education & Training

Alexis Hughes-Williams is originally from Milwaukee, WI. She has always been involved in helping others, especially women. She started her first ‘organization’ at the age of 10, the 40th Street Boys & Girls Club and that graduated into who she is today. Alexis has served in many organizations such as Black Achievers of Milwaukee, Urban Underground, African American Children’s Theatre and Families United to Prevent Teen Pregnancy to name a few in leadership and mentoring capacities. Earning her degree from Tennessee State University in Marketing, Alexis has used her many talents and skills to start Something Sweet, LLC a virtual and pop up bakery, and program, Girl, unKnown. Girl, unKnown began by Alexis volunteering her time at Job Corps of Wisconsin to empower, uplift and motivate young girls to adult women to be the best versions of themselves by introducing new books, resources, social and educational workshops and engagements. Now Girl, unKnown has blossomed into Girl, unKnown Inc. and has a created a community of women that connect and engage with each other to educate, inspire growth and learn to be tolerant of others across all socioeconomic backgrounds, religions, creeds and orientations. Alexis is a visionary and a forerunner for change in her community, as she continues to be an advocate for women and peace.